Ways to We Need YOU


The most valuable gift you can give us is your prayers. Please pray for us daily. 

Please see our blog for specific prayer requests and the many wonderful ways God is showing His hand. 

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Please mail letters of encouragement, cards, and small packages to:

The Hughes Family

3170 Airmans Dr. WOMDR #3026

Ft. Pierce, FL  34946

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Simply click on the “Donate Online” button and select “David & Shala Hughes”   

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Our Responsibilities

➢ Our first responsibility is to God. We will use the gifts and talents he has given us to their fullest for His glory.

➢ We are responsible to the students. We will deliver a high-quality educational experience and meet all students' spiritual, social, and academic needs to the best of our abilities. 

➢ All students will be given an opportunity and pathway to success. It is up to each student to act on that


➢ We will individually care for each and every child no matter their academic level or economic background.

➢ We are responsible to the community to develop servant leaders that have the skills to positively impact their community.

➢ We are responsible to our financial partners to use their resources as effectively as possible and stay true to our mission.