About Us

Dr. Shala Hughes

Dr. Shala Hughes (Ed.D) has been a classroom educator and administer for over 15 years, from pre-K to adults. She has taught in various classroom settings, including diverse and multiple level classrooms. Her main focus is  helping students reach their full potential and challenging them to work towards higher goals. She believes in building positive relationships that allow room for student exploration in a safe and positive learning environment.

Shala wants to take her experience and passion for education to influence lives in the Dominican Republic. She believes that all students - no matter their socioeconomic background - deserve a high-quality education and it is through education that students will gain more opportunities to lead successful and productive lives.  Helping to change a student's life, perspectives, and opportunities will also change the lives of families, communities, the country, and the Kingdom of God.

David Hughes

Johnnie Hughes

Johnnie is a typical active 14 year old teenager. He loves to play baseball and building kit robots. His passion, though, is scuba diving and dreams either to become a rescue diver for the US Coast Guard or go to the Coast Guard Academy for oceanography studies. 

He has been an active participant in our sending church's outreach program and was always willing to serve wherever he was needed. He has 4 older siblings and believes that "being the baby" has given him greater opportunities to be an example to others and to serve more abundantly. 

He has a heart for people who have had a tough life and wants to give them hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Dominican, and throughout opportunities in his life, he plans to use scuba as a platform to share his faith. As he says, "After all, I have a captive audience on the boat, unless they want to swim back and take their chances with the sharks."